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Real-Estate There are three major ways that you can find cheap homes for sale. These methods include the local newspaper, the county courthouse or public office, and through the banks. These are the only places that you can get accurate information about foreclosures that is free. Never pay anyone for information about foreclosures that are on the market you would like to purchase. If you pay then you are getting ripped off. When you pay someone ripping you off you cannot even be sure the information you are being given is accurate or reliable. The newspaper is the first place that foreclosures are going to be posted in the first stages of the foreclosure. The notice of default is going to be listed for borrowers that have missed their payments and the notification of the house sales at the auctions. The newspaper will give you the address, borrowers name, and more when you look in the public notice section of the classifieds of a newspaper. This is public information that is always posted in a newspaper from the beginning stages of the foreclosure to the end at the auction. Another place that you can go to get information on foreclosures is to a county courthouse. The courthouse is where the auction will take place. If you want to know a list of all of the houses that are going to be auctioned off on the weekend or at a specific auction then they can give this to you. They wont charge you money for this list either because it is public information. Banks are the best place to go for information about cheap homes for sale. Banks are who you want to talk to about purchasing foreclosures anyway because they own them. They will have lists of houses that have foreclosed a long time ago and which homes are the best option for you. It is best to go through a bank because they are willing to negotiate prices and you wont even have to go to the auction to look at a house. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: