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Time is very slow, not far from the village, Beijing Miyun Hills Beauty night – rainy days travel tourism Sohu days slow village not far from the earth in the earth Xiang Zhang Quan Cun Miyun Xiang Ju Xiang – [coffee] before the age of 18, I have been living in Beijing, a 300 square meters of a house, a big dog from me 4 years of age to adulthood, died in the first 3 hours of my 18 birthday. The cold winter night, the end of my playmate, ending the lifetime of cottage life. Lost just know to cherish, ten years, is no longer a bungalow belongs to me, love of the land and plants, feeling no delivery. The past two years, I am particularly pleased to see that, in the vicinity of the The Inn Boutique, Minshuku design wind led by Beijing and the city has also started the tourist destination for people living in Beijing can also close short holiday, let me have this unique emotional experience when people can feel again the cottage, occasionally. A rainy day in September, the first time I came to the village of Miyun deep, deep into the mountains from the main road and 5 km winding, to visit the destination instead of attractions, is more beautiful than the more complete attractions in Taoyuan, known as "the earth Xiang Ju" B & B, which is composed of the village the 6 farm house, 4 Room 1, restaurant, 1 is the cafe. A winding stone path leading the guests entered the hotel activity center "Xiang coffee". Drizzle the Xiang coffee, clouds are surrounded by colorful wildflowers, suffused with purple pink stone walls, leaves the penetration of warm light gap. The grass in the platform, but also did not forget to put on a small chair, in the mountains, watching the rain blowing over it is seven star hotel unreachable? The spacious stone courtyard, even the trees are decorated. Comfortable green sofa for relatives and chat, the arbor table is a good place to play together, I love the white chair sitting in the corner quietly, silently watching, is to enjoy everything. The room was a few nostalgia old stand out here, you can watch TV, listen to music, drink coffee, chat, watch the stars…… of course, also do stay here. The internal appearance of secrecy, when writing the breakfast to look behind. The earth in the country – Caoshe along the mountain road, a small courtyard in a place of rural housing, and my sister is a living cottage, and the general appearance of the farm no two. Don’t foul outside, but the jade. 200 square meters of large courtyard, on the west side of the tower is made of half a meter, one family of cool tea chat. There is a house in front of Pennisetum long Masamori, in the rain. The big picture was taken in November, and in winter the vegetation was no longer flourishing, and the depression meant that I missed the first meeting in September. But the winter winter style, overflowing with shanligong, grass leaves, JieMenEr parents gleefully picked up a pocket and a Douer, harvest. In the yard of the water wash, light sweet sour. The east wing is an open kitchen, widen the open living room and dining room, cooking utensils and taste, this is the land of Xiang Ju 4 courtyard only a kitchen with Ren相关的主题文章: