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Beauty Many people say eyes are the diamonds of our face and eyes are the first things which are noticed in our face. Making them really attractive requires some easy make up tricks so that you can make the eyes appear big. It creates a huge impact if you have long and beautiful eyelashes. These days there are products available capable of providing you with long, curled eyelashes. Revitalash is one of the best products available in the market to render you with the best eyes along with the most admirable eyelashes. The Revitalash conditioner as well as the eyelash grower has to be applied in the same way as you apply eyeliner. This article will help you to know in detail about the process of the application of eyeliner. The main purpose for which eyeliner is used is that it enables the perfect definition of the shape of the eyes. While you are applying eyeliner consider the fact whether you are looking for thin application or a thick application. Incase you are looking for a darker look, and then consider the application of liquid eyeliner rather than the brush and pencil eyeliners. When you are seeking a softer look then consider the application of pencil eyeliner. While you are applying eyeliner or even mascara it will be good if you could just tilt your head back so that you can be aware of what you are doing. You can always use a dark shade of the eye shadow as eyeliner after moistening it. The color choices which are available for the revitalash eyeliners are gray, brown, bronze, plum and navy blue. Navy blue is a good color of the softer shades of the eyeliners. Incase you are looking for the darker shades then black, brown and plum shades are the options you have. Incase you are holder of the most flattering green and blue eyes then silver and gray are the options that .plement your look. Gold colored eyeliner looks good on green eyes. The eyeliner has to be applied after the application of eye shadow but before the application of mascara. Start the application of the eyeliner first to the upper eyelids. First it is essential that you line the upper lid by drawing a line through the inwards corner very near to the lash line. Wait for about a minute so that it dries, and even prevent from smudging. The same process has to be repeated for the lower lid by drawing a similar line towards the outer edge of the eye and then as you are nearing to about two third of the eye then take it inwards. It often happens that the hands tend to shiver then do ensure that you are resting your elbow on a base during the application. You also need to consider the different features of the different eyeliners while you are applying eyeliners. The liquid eyeliners should not be applied on the lower lid as it produces dramatic results on the application of the lower lids. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: