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UnCategorized Web Editors are actually the tools of trade in the web business, enabling web authors to manifest their creativity in the form of beautiful websites and more. Web editors can be .pared to the workshop of the internet and when it .es to this essential tool, any web designer knows what a good tool is worth. If you’re an aspiring web designer looking for insight or an established expert in the web business seeking inspiration then you’ve .es to the right place, here I’ll show you what makes for a good web editor and also show you examples of html editors in the market. If you’re new to the industry, I’ll start by informing you that HTML editors are categorized into two that is a) "What You See is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor and text editor. Here are the benefits of both. Text Editor Flexibility – Once you learn how to write HTML with a text editor, you be.e conversant with the limitation of HTML. This means you’re no longer limited by the functions of the editor. Portability – If you write HTML on a text editor, it’s easier for you to make changes anywhere you can access your pages. Most text editors are standardized across platforms, and if you use Notepad, that is available on all Windows machines. Clean HTML – HTML editors usually add strange codes, tags, and attributes into the HTML. These can slow down the page download by adding superfluous characters, make your site only visible by one browser, and add unnecessary tags. Coding HTML in a text editor ensures that you only use HTML tags that you intend to use. WYSIWYG Editor Ease of use – With a WYSIWYG editor, you can get up and running in no time. Majority of these editors work like word processors, it significantly reduces the learning curve. Speed – Unless you’re an established guru in the industry, most WYSIWYG editors help you design web pages faster. HTML Validation – Using WYSIWYG editor guarantees you clean code that will work with most browsers. Other Features – Many WYSIWYG editor offer extra features that greatly increase productivity such as link checking; spell checkers, document weighting, JavaScript functions, DHTML tips, and more. Below are some good candidates for each category above. WYSIWYG/HTML Editors Dreamweaver This is a great WYSIWYG/HTML Editor that offers plenty of extensions and features. A great tool for a seasoned web designer, its drawbacks include memory hogging and .plexity that makes it unsuitable for beginners. FrontPage Originally from Microsoft, this web editor is very easy to use and any user familiar with Microsoft program will be instantly at home with this program. Its graphical rendering help you see how your site is progressing and makes it easier maintaining pars of it on the go. The only problem with FrontPage is that when you use if you’re often limited to servers that support it’s extensions. Text Editors HomeSite This is a very fancy HTML text editor. It has all the features of a good text editor plus extras like HTML validation, link checking, document weight, project management, and HTML help with tag tips and tag .pletion. You see the HTML you write, with a lot of good assistance to make sure it’s high quality. It assumes knowledge of HTML. Other are: * Notepad * Vi About the Author: 相关的主题文章: