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To speed up the integration of international standards of consumer goods (in the State Council policy briefing) – Politics – newspaper Beijing on 26 August,   (reporter Li Xinping) 24, the State Council executive meeting examined and adopted the "planning and enhance the standard and quality of consumer goods (2016 – 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"). In the policy of the State Council held on 26 cases briefing meeting, the State Quality Inspection Administration of Party members, the National Standards Commission Director Tian Shihong the answer. Tian Shihong introduction, planning to 5 years as a cycle, proposed by 2020 to achieve qualitative and quantitative objectives of the two categories. The qualitative target is consumer goods supply of basic standards to meet the growing consumer demand, a key area of consumer product quality reached the international advanced level; the quality of enterprise development endogenous power continued to improve; well-known consumer goods brand value increased dramatically. There are 3 main quantitative objectives: key areas of major consumer goods in the international standard consistency degree up to more than 95%; consumer goods quality supervision and inspection qualified rate is more than 90%; consumer goods quality competitiveness index stabilized at more than 84. Specifically, the "planning" goals into eight main tasks: one is to reform the supply system of new standard, standard system construction of the government leading standards and market independent standards coordination, coordination; two is to optimize the supply structure to meet the standard, the upgrading of consumption demand; the three is to implement enterprise quality subject the responsibility, to stimulate enterprises to enhance the quality of internal driving force; the four is to lay a solid foundation of consumer goods industry quality, improve the quality of technological innovation ability; the five is to strengthen the consumer goods brand building, improve the Chinese consumer awareness and reputation; the six is to improve the optimization of the market environment, further stimulate the vitality of the market and consumption potential; seven is the quality safety supervision mode the innovation of consumer goods, guarantee the quality and safety of consumer goods; the eight is the implementation of foreign trade "into the excellent" strategy, improve the import and export of consumer goods Quality. In order to achieve the above qualitative and quantitative indicators, the plan put forward seven aspects of reform and innovation initiatives. First, to speed up the domestic and international standards, the establishment of consumer goods standards and reporting system. Two is to establish and improve the enterprise product and service standards self disclosure and supervision system. Three is the establishment of consumer goods production and operation of the negative list system, in addition to the mandatory standards and industrial products production license, compulsory 3C certification and other laws and regulations stipulate the cancellation of restrictions on market access standards and quality management in the production of consumer goods. Four is to establish a unified and standardized system of supervision and spot checks. First of all, in the process of supervision and inspection of the implementation of the "three random", that is, random sampling enterprises, random sampling products, random selection of testing institutions". Secondly, the implementation of supervision and inspection results of information sharing and mutual recognition, various departments and localities on product quality supervision and inspection information to the public. In this context, on the same enterprise, the national product quality supervision and spot checks pass the same specifications of products, within 6 months of any localities and departments or organizations have not repeated checks, promote the realization of a standard, a test result, mutual recognition, nationally". Five is the establishment of inspection and certification results accountability system, improve the inspection and certification bodies to undertake相关的主题文章: