Travel around China, Inner Mongolia Winter Tourism Exhibition Tour debut in Guilin – Sohu travel yo te amo

"Around the Chinese" Inner Mongolia winter tourism in Guilin – Sohu Tourism Exhibition Tour debut late autumn arrival, means to belong to the winter tourism carnival is about to begin. Much attention to go all over China – Inner Mongolia winter travel miles exhibition tour came to Guilin, the rich content of the presentation and the wonderful roadshow activities for the Guilin added a new bright spot. In October 27, 2016, "traveled China" — Inner Mongolia winter tourism 10000 exhibition tour promotion promotion will be held in Sheraton Hotel Guilin, Guilin Tourism Development Committee, Party members Lou Zhiqiang, the domestic market at the Guilin tourism development committee deputy director Hou Lin, more than and 100 Guilin area travel agency, tourism business representatives and more than thirty central area of Guilin and the mainstream news media to participate in the meeting. Wanli touring exhibition to "the motherland is the north bright Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia tourism slogan," natural snow style Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia winter tourism brand as the theme, is not only a comprehensive display of Inner Mongolia winter tourism products, is an important step in the winter for the promotion of the tourism brand. Promotion will be preheated in a bold atmosphere of the Inner Mongolia winter tourism promotion, start with the cello and Mongolian "swan goose", so as to play a floor guests on the vast land of Inner Mongolia. Guilin Tourism Development Committee, the leadership of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau speech at the meeting. The meeting, on behalf of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau, first introduced to the audience in Inner Mongolia rich tourism resources and products, followed by "ice road" tourism area, Beijing Tianjin Hebei ice snow tourism area and modern tourist area, warm desert grasslands ice and snow ice and snow tourism in this area to distinguish pin tourism resources and the line of products, preferential policies a detailed introduction and promotion, so that the guests have a new understanding of the development of Inner Mongolia tourism in recent years, the Inner Mongolia rich winter tourism resources and the theme of a novel line of products also have a more profound understanding of. In the past, it is different from the past, the tour around China – Inner Mongolia winter travel miles exhibition promotion promotion is aimed at the national tourist market for more accurate promotion and promotion. Speaking of Inner Mongolia, people immediately think of the green wild boundless grassland. But in fact, Inner Mongolia’s ice and snow tourism resources are also very rich. Northern winter pure romantic and exciting fresh breath, in recent years, favored by consumers. Inner Mongolia with its unique rich winter tourism resources, in recent years has gradually become the preferred destination for people in winter tourism. In view of the market more and more diversified tourism consumption demand, in this year, the integration of resources and effective planning of the region to achieve a new upgrade to the four regions as the representative of the Inner Mongolia winter tourism resources through, and were the highlights at the meeting. The "ice road" tourist area: Gen Gi Khan temple, folk village, white Langlin Genhe is very cold; ring Tianjin snow tourism area: Dali Lake Winter Fishing Festival, Tongliao manor, two filial piety Lian basin Cretaceous Dinosaur National Geological Park; modern grassland snow tourism area: Siziwangqi Daihai Lake Hasuhai chilechuan cultural tourism snow the ice and snow tourism festival; Warmth: yellow.相关的主题文章: