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"2 men" really started the war of honor and family call Yang Mi insurance tears – Sohu entertainment camp matchmaking conference entertainment news Sohu jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? The air force story is Hunan TV hit. Once the program aired, the ratings ranked first, and showing a hot zero bad high situation. Hunan satellite TV once again to the real, true and sincere attitude to contribute to the conscience of the boutique, the show fully burst quality. After two Tiexue, Sun Yang Yang Mi, polish, Liyan Tong, Jiang Jinfu, Huang Zitao, Zhang Lanxin, Li Rui, Shen Mengchen eight Air Force recruits from the physical to the will gradually to the real soldier level. As the first station of the Polish forces Thor commandos last, based on the previous two challenges of conventional training and upgrading, this program will usher in the men and women of actual combat, the winner can follow the class monitor recruits continued to battle, which makes the "guard monitor" honor battle smoke. More like eighteen blind date party camp, Wu Yi Gexianshentong, another eye-catching blind date. How will the new recruits show their training results and fight for the honor? What is the power behind hard training to support new recruits unremittingly? Instructors, monitor and stay together morning and night, recruits the feelings of the true feelings of how touched the audience grow with each passing day,? Many suspense, this week will be announced one by one program. Huang Zitao Thor commando team song the sweat runs down like raindrops blood concert, Huang Zitao magic full of jokes with the adaptation of recruit training pace, Thor commando team song "Thor" attack with its blood passionate lyrics and melody makes people sonorous and forceful passion, many of the audience while watching the show straight words have also been successfully brainwashed team song. This program, follow the army recruits instructors to sing the song "Thor" attack, which is a compulsory course for the recruits Raytheon commando team official. As a new generation of 90 popular singer Huang Zitao directly by the instructors named, and asked only to read the lyrics to songs to sing, so "command", let the experts can not help singing Huang Zitao shocked, embarrassed with the devil discovered RAP wind singing, make people laugh, then the instructor demonstration of the correct singing, Huang Zitao who is show no contrast no harm, "Yang Mi and Liyan Tong fit to sing will show how men and women find everything fresh and new feeling, than sing a song scene and there will be what kind of unexpected circumstances, so that everyone is looking forward to, say goodbye to Liyan Tong and soldiers to battle Thor diffuse smoke," guard the monitor "fight the ultimate test end first stop Thor commando troop of men and women take war raged, winning the class monitor can accompany the players go through the next Season’s trump force, complete witness to the metamorphosis of the new recruits. For both men and women, this is not only a test of training results of the actual combat exercises, but also guard squad honor war. Female monitor and Wang Wei composed of 5 defense group to jointly deal with male soldiers and several monitor consisting of 8 powerful attack group, in the case of female monitor against heavy odds, Wang Wei calmly, calmly fighting and women of all, Liyan Tong is a "if I die in the battle!相关的主题文章: