Two years of big movie network test 280 thousand investment was no longer the myth of the box office-ricky lee neely

Network movie two years: 280 thousand investment was 15 million at the box office myth is no longer the original title: "large" two years test 280 thousand investment was 15 million "box office" is no longer a myth after each television reporter Ding Zhouyang – a year and a half ago, an investment of only 280 thousand yuan of the network movie "(hereinafter referred to as" large ")" Taoist mountain "in the video site, only two days on-line, by virtue of the audience pay per click to recover the cost. On line a month of the film’s entire network hits nearly two hundred million times, the box office nearly $15 million, so that the production side of the film Amoy dream of fame. "Coming out" like the meaning of "Taoist priest is a milepost, tell you that network can make money." Amoy dream founder, CEO Yin Chao in the acceptance of every film and television (WeChat No.: meijingyingshi) reporter interview, said, but this investment is less than 300 thousand yuan, the box office miracle of ten million will never happen again. This year the whole industry has only 20% large money." For the new board film company new field, even in the first half of 2016 66% revenue from the large issue, but the company’s founder, Yin Xingliang CEO of each by the television reporters bluntly large challenge. "The network must be promising. But this industry is currently the largest development dilemma is that poor work, the overall quality of dragons and fishes jumbled together. If the network’s reputation was do stink, we heard that low is large, unfavorable to the development of the industry." This initiation has been only two years of emerging industries, and now, already smoke four, and quickly into the shuffle period. This year, CI Wen media, Huayi Brothers, Huace film has a professional advantage of the A shares of listed companies, there are different degrees of foreign investment. "The feedback we firmly optimistic about the market demand on the network source, pay membership system of video website is the lifeline of network, the major video sites are overweight members of consumer business." Zhao Bin, deputy general manager of CI Wen media for every film and television reporter said. The Nuggets are on the increase, while the proportion of making money is decreasing. "Last year the whole industry about 40% network is to make money, this year is estimated to have 20%. The content industry also worked in 28 law system." Yin Chao told reporters. In Yin Xingliang’s view, the network industry is relatively low threshold, more crudely made dragons and fishes jumbled together, can really make money also in one or two. On the other hand, the large, crudely made "like a swarm of bees hot rub", playing soft pornography edge ball to attract the audience, this is also the most criticized by the industry. "At the beginning of the" Mermaid "ultra high box office, Iqiyi immediately appeared on" beauty soup "" my Mermaid "rub IP network movie. While IP and rub together, there are serious homogenization. Such as zombies fire, 49% nets are zombie thriller." Huayi Brothers Institute wrote. Yin Xingliang believes that the biggest difficulty faced by the development of the industry is also large. "Who are doing large, large overall level is not high, it is easy to do, the term large smelly rotten, let the audience feel the network are very low, once the large audience was a poor label. theory相关的主题文章: