Valin Iron and steel restructuring application is accepted in Hunan trust market accelerated curve 高达08ms小队

Hunan Valin Iron & steel restructuring application is accepted to accelerate national investment trust listed on the curve: Irving king contest peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide Hunan trust curve listed out of court "obstacle" Valin steel restructuring application is accepted in the newspaper trainee reporter     Xingtai; adorable days ago, Valin Iron & Steel announcement that the company regarding the reorganization of the Commission has been accepted. Restructuring process to go to the SFC step by step listed companies and more than one, who can take the lead in the approval of the industry’s appetite for hanging. Hunan trust as a trust company to participate in the reorganization, can one step ahead, first to achieve the listing, the industry is full of expectations. Hunan trust listing accelerated recently, Valin steel announced that in October 25, 2016 Chinese received notification to the Commission, the Commission approved the reorganization of the application materials submitted Valin steel, decided to accept its application for restructuring. Valin Iron & steel restructuring is a matter of much concern to the industry trust, because involving the acquisition of equity and capital of Hunan trust. The restructuring after the completion of the transaction, Valin steel will indirectly hold 96% stake in Hunan trust, at the same time, the registered capital of Hunan trust will also be increased from 1 billion 200 million yuan to 2 billion 700 million yuan, the industry in the middle ranks of yuejin. Some trust companies involved in major asset restructuring under scrutiny, as a rule, not only Hunan trust, trust the other curve listed include Zhejiang Oriental, *ST Shun ship, Minmetals trust, Kunlun trust has been questioned. Now will be on the suspension of the audit for Minmetals trust, which will once again have to postpone the date. But trust Minmetals insiders have revealed that this is just a temporary suspension of the audit, the company is for the Commission to put the issue of reply, to supplement the relevant materials, is expected to quickly answer, then continue to be audited, and not focus on the risk of trust projects on such sensitive issues, overall impact. Some industry observers have pointed out that behind the supervision department inquiries is a reflection of the trust company, imperfect information disclosure problems, which is one of the important reasons for the regulatory authorities have been cautious trust review. Valin received before the inquiry letter, pending litigation did not disclose the annual report of the Hunan trust become the focus of inquiry. The existence of the subject matter of the amount of more than 10 million yuan in Hunan trust pending a total of $11, involving a total of about $620 million. 11 in the case of litigation, the Hunan trust is the plaintiff, the lawsuit includes the loan contract dispute, the creditor’s rights transfer contract dispute. There are 6 cases in the enforcement phase, the 3 cases in the bankruptcy phase, the 1 cases in the proposed bankruptcy stage, and the other 1 cases are pending trial stage. A lawyer told the "Securities Daily" reporters, pending litigation will affect the company’s assets and liabilities, which will allow the company to apply for listing in the process of information disclosure of the existence of uncertain factors affecting the accuracy of information disclosure. Generally speaking, the common procedure of first instance concluded six months, but there are also some extension of the case, litigation or even delay for several years. These will affect the company’s normal listing. On相关的主题文章: