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Want to know the future development direction of Chinese army? Look at this news – Sohu       Yue Feifei Zou Chunxia, editor of | wrote in September 18th, the military announced a series of changes in enrollment policy in 2017 military colleges and scientific research institutions of new students. Because the adjustment of a lot of content, causing concern. Which mainly includes the size of the compression enrollment, tilt to the new combat forces, delegated approval authority. Enrollment is also a weathervane, can see the changes in enrollment, in order to understand the future direction of the army. The new agency knows the background of the admissions. The reform of military leadership and command system, enrollment functions from the original General Political Department ganbubu and original zongcan military affairs department of the Central Military Commission to adjust the training management department. Indeed, no less busy is responsible for the management of military military training management department changed after enrollment. It is understood, according to the training target, the military college enrollment is divided into growing cadre enrollment (Tracy note: simply said, is the way in enrollment after graduation and enrollment officer is cadres). In the past the two business by a former General Political Department ganbubu and original zongcan military affairs department in charge, in the defense and military reform, clear future enrollment, the military training management department is responsible for policy formulation, planning, preparation, organization and implementation of university education, education management and elimination of shunting duties by the military and political work the Department is responsible for regulating the size of the structure, calculation of supplementary requirements, the guidance of graduation assignment and management of cadet school selection promotion business. Not long after the formation of the new sector, in April, the army and armed police forces in the college enrollment began in 2016. At that time, the military training management department responsible person at the meeting after the enrollment work in military colleges and universities accepted the media interview and revealed that in 2016, the military and armed forces in 2015 has the number of enrollment plan Yajian, but in the index distribution, given new combat forces and urgent shortage professional more inclined. This year is the first time after the transfer of the organization to adjust the recruitment of students. With the end of this year’s military college admissions work, the military training department and the graduate work in 2017 began to establish new regulations. The new rules in late April, the army newspaper reported, gradually straighten out the relationship between the enrollment management is being adjusted, the theater, the services and arms, military departments and the military units directly under the armed police force has basically been completed business sector led to over. Can be found in the military training management department released the contents of the infantry, artillery, and other traditional army combat force major, the number of students were 24%, Yajian; accounting audit, health care, infrastructure barracks, ordnance and other logistic vehicle command specialty, the number of enrollment respectively reduced 45%, nearly half. With this correspondence, aviation, ships, missiles and other new combat forces, air and space intelligence processing, radar, UAV and other much-needed discipline, the number of students increased by 14%, 16% respectively. The government knows that intention to do so has been very obvious, mainly based on the military commanding officer training, especially combat arms. Security professionals have reduced the number of specialized military training. After the game相关的主题文章: