Weight loss drug ingredients too scary you dare to eat it! quickchm

Weight loss drug ingredients too scary you dare to eat it?! Lead: weight loss drug, mainly used the three most common drugs is a weight-loss drug, appetite inhibitors, a class is to accelerate the metabolism and reducing absorber, the other is the consumption of fat and calories to help preparations. If you think some serious adverse reactions have been endangering their own, may wish to take tests for treatment or diagnosis of slimming drugs, do not because of weight loss and ruining the body! (source: PCLADY) weight loss drug 1 symptoms: often go to the toilet stool with oil in the process of taking diet pills, this kind of symptom appears: "after eating diet pills, I always feel stomach discomfort, and swelling and pain, the old want to go to the toilet, a day to defecate 2, 3 times. Stool and a layer of oil." May: diet pills containing diet pills Roche you take in, may contain Roche (Xenical), the drug is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor, can reduce the absorption of fat in the small intestine of about 30%, love of the fat in food use effect is good. Suggestion: a day to eat up to three times, but the side effects of taking vitamin collocation of this drug is relatively small, but the dosage should be controlled, the recommended dose of capsule for dinner or at the latest one hour after a meal in taking a 120 mg. If you do not eat, you do not have to take up to three times a day. Roche is approved by the state of the market, but also can be used for long term weight loss drugs, but the best time to use not more than two years. And when taking this medicine, it will prevent the body from absorbing fat soluble vitamins, it is recommended to add a multivitamin every day, vitamins can be taken two hours after taking medicine or before bed. In addition, the drug as a weight loss drug is absolutely safe, is being assessed, it is not recommended for children under 18 years of age, pregnant women and lactating women. 2 symptoms: night can’t sleep during the daytime sleepiness in the process of taking diet pills, this kind of symptom appears: "I was sleepy, but this diet pills just ate two days, I found that every night I have been particularly excited, do not want to sleep, lying in bed can can’t sleep, eat what was less than before, but also the unique spirit!" May contain: weight loss drug you take amphetamine, may contain amphetamine (Amphetamine). The initial effect of taking the drug, as described above, but with the emergence of physical resistance, there will be emotional instability, delusions, hallucinations, sleep disorders and other symptoms. Suggestion: this drug addictive, don’t take advice and amphetamine like drugs are addictive, once addicted, the withdrawal process is very painful, even anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleepiness, overeating and other symptoms. Experts suggest that this drug must not be taken lightly. 3 symptoms: do not want to eat in dizzy taking diet pills, this kind of symptom appears: "I recently Chijianfeilue, appetite becomes poor, not eat, weight also decreased, but the feeling of dizziness, headache, drowsiness, even.相关的主题文章: