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Wenzhou hurricane CS club opening soon hurricane CS Jingshan Hill field base in Wenzhou hurricane CS Jingshan Hill field base is located in known as "forest oxygen bar" of the Jingshan Hill Park, Wenzhou is the only one located in the urban park outdoor military experience, training and organizing special competitive sports based activities base. Base supporting casual dining, accommodation and public toilets, parking lot and other service facilities Goods are available in all varieties. Hurricane CS Jingshan Hill outdoor club is dedicated to the development of parent child interaction and team outdoor activities. Wenzhou hurricane CS club indoor base [club address] Jingshan Park City Sightseeing Tower (Wenzhou zoo North Gate 200 meters) [notes] 1, scheduled delivery team 2, tickets are valid for one year [information] 1. object: parent-child activities participation (a parent with a child) 3. experience time: 2016 years 10 months 5 days -6 days, 3 days in advance booking please. 4. hurricane CS Club small assistant micro signal: 13968886500 hurricane CS club will not regularly launch promotional activities, click on hurricane CS Club two-dimensional code, you can pay attention to the public number.