Why I Like My New Asus Rt-n56u-ca1810

.puters-and-Technology Well, I recently got the new ASUS RT-N56U Black Diamond and I’m very happy with it, in fact I love it. My older wi-fi router (TP Link) definitely sucked and I was regularly having issues with it. I was continuously needing to totally reset my old wireless router. Sometimes as up to several times a week. I would be sitting there and the internet would simply stop working.One thing which was annoying me was the fact my old router did not have Gigabit switch ports or some of the other great features the ASUS RT-N56U provides.Neither would it support other features I needed, also its wireless reception wasn’t great at long distances and it wasn’t very good looking at all, on the other hand My ASUS RT-N56 has all the required features and also has the awesome style and design. That’s why I like my new Asus Black Diamond wireless router. Features of the RT-N56U: In some ways it isn’t fair to .pare this router to other routers because it has high end features such as HW NAT Accelleration and Ai Radar that other wireless router manufactures havent even thought of!The wireless router is quite attractive. It kind of looks like a piece of expensive black marble tile.It was intended for video games and multimedia. It’s also possible to print and share .puter files to the Asus "Black Diamond" because it has twin multi-funtion Universal serial bus ports. Here’s product description of my Asus Black Diamond: OEM: ASUS .puters, Part number is RT-N56U, It is a dual band wireless router which .es IEEE draft standard 802.11n and 5 radios or antennas for greater signal reception and transmission. This gives a pair of .works. One for the 5Ghz band and the other in the 2.4GHz band. This keeps the various types of .work traffic at home from interfering with each other. It includes four Gigabit ports, two USB slots and one WAN interface. It also offers an amazing EZ UI interface that is very intuitive to use. My Experience: I have not needed to reset it once since configuring it more than a four weeks ago. It simply runs. Now i’m in love with the user interface. I’m thinking about buying new wireless devices just so I can play with it more. Benefits: The design is sleek and the signal is good. Fast Gigabit Ether. ports and the USB ports are very configurable to do just about anything. Disadvantages: We’ve heard this wireless router has a trouble with some iPods if you don’t know how to configure it right, if you’re a bit of a geek like me you might be able to figure it out. Summary: We have had Three different routers before the ASUS RT N56U. The Asus Black Diamond is definitely the best wireless router That I have ever owned. It is best for office and home environments when you need to have a high availability and lag free environment especially for video gaming and watching high definition videos online is needed. I’m suprised how much more affordable a router of this quality is than most of the other wireless routers in its class. The Asus RT-N56U Wi-fi router is also referred to as Black Diamond because of its embossed and glistening black plastic cover (cool points). With the addition of Hardware NAT Acceleration and "Ai Radar" it can cover far more range and even get into all of the little "nooks and crannies" in the home. It does feature not one but two USB ports for a variety of storage devices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: