Why young people do not want to rent buy a house to increase the value of the rental market chaos-roselip

Why young people don’t want to rent a house: Housing rental market confusion and increasing the value of the original title: when skinny reality blocked the poetic rental of this round of market and usher in a new upsurge of the circle of friends "she sold the house in Beijing to Dali" the "explosion". Some people write down the story of his friend: Beijing sold only from the housing, intends to live in the future, the money to sell the house for other investment. The story of "a few people" can be spread in a large scale, it is because we regard these stories as a "legend", and how many people really dare to leave the crazy property market? Unable to leave, can only choose to buy a house or rent. It is interesting that public opinion on the choice of buying a house or rent, the attitude is changing. A few years ago, public opinion is still called for, young people do not want to buy a house on graduation, the young people in many countries around the world are renting, why can not we choose to rent? We used to be a young man on the drum and call, in a few years later, the young people in the end of the house or rent, public opinion has a more rational analysis. Even if they do not encourage and support young people to buy a house, public opinion has begun to reflect on why young people do not want to rent." Why do not want to rent it? In addition to the traditional concept of ingrained "extra persons perseverance", in addition to buy the value of "economic function", the rental market is not chaos, but also blocked the renters courage? Every person who rent a house from time to time to worry about the landlord rent or move you away. Lease contract is not able to protect the interests of renters, the landlord can not compensate for a little liquidated damages. The pain and cost of finding a room is far from being liquidated. Landlord is not good faith, leasing intermediary must be honest? Intermediary to a commission, this model determines that they will take the "highest bidder" choice ", is not easy to look at the house, just before the signing of a lease contract, is likely to be turned to outbid you who pry away. Social media, North Canton, the young people talk about renting, often a bitter tears. The same is in the social media, there are users to share the experience of renting abroad. In Germany and Japan, the law is very pay attention to the protection of the rights and interests of renters, if long-term living in one place and on time to pay the rent, the landlord in the contract period is not easy to recover the house; rent a house in the UK, the intermediary role is not only to facilitate transactions, and to every three months to check a housing situation, after the examination to the landlord and the tenant both send inspection report. After the lease contract is signed, the deposit must be handed over to the third party trust, which is designated by the tenant. Compared to foreign countries to improve the rental market system, our current rental market is far more than a "good faith" problem. Efficient and reliable housing rental market? Of course, can not do without supervision. But when it comes to regulation, public opinion expression is equally complex. For example, the group renting norms and supervision. Regulators said to strike just cleaning up the group to rent, public opinion began to criticized the management mode of "simple": Housing Demolition in the partition, partition the people in the house of相关的主题文章: