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Wuhan tax introduced the convenience of "Han ten" 2020 do not run the tax hall yesterday (28 days), Wuhan Municipal State Taxation Bureau launched the "convenience tax Han ten, and promised to 2020 all taxpayers can go online, do not run the tax service hall. It is reported that 10 convenient taxpayer specific measures including: online reporting, online processing, mobile tax, net invoice, online open invoices, mobile phone on behalf of ordinary invoices, VAT invoices online authentication, self-help tax 8 network tax measures, and post the invoice tax, local tax and tax service station 2 social tax channel. Yesterday (28 days), the reporter saw in Wuchang district post office hall, home of Peng Liu Yang Lu in Ms. Huang to apply for a total price of $720 tax tax invoice, and pay VAT tax 21 yuan. "10 convenience measures, all tax related matters for covering all kinds of taxpayers, taxpayers can choose through mobile phone, Internet or social networks do not run to the tax, the tax service hall." Wuhan state tax bureau director Jiang Feng said. According to reports, Hubei province has online tax platform, the vast majority of tax related matters can do online. As of now, Wuhan City, the general taxpayer online reporting rate is as high as 93%, 120 thousand times the use of mobile phone tax payers. Jiang Feng said that the country is building a unified national electronic tax bureau, 2020 Wuhan tax payer can all go online. Related video to a year of "test" at the highest popularity of Guangdong state tax department "champion" attention Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

武汉国税推出便民“汉十条” 2020办税不用跑大厅昨天(28日),武汉市国税局推出便民办税“汉十条”,并承诺到2020年纳税人全部可走网路,不用跑办税大厅。据悉,10项方便纳税人的措施具体包括:网上申报、网上办理、移动办税、网领发票、网上代开专用发票、手机代开普通发票、增值税发票网上认证、自助办税8个网络化办税措施,以及邮政代开发票代征税款、国地税共建税收服务站2个社会化办税渠道。昨天(28日),记者在武昌区邮政局大厅看到,家住彭刘杨路的黄女士在此申领到了一份价税合计720元的国税普通发票,并缴纳了增值税税款21元。“10条便民措施,覆盖了各类纳税人需办理的所有涉税事项,纳税人可自行选择通过手机、互联网或社会化网点来办税,不用跑办税大厅。”武汉市国税局局长姜锋说。据介绍,湖北省已有网上办税平台,绝大数涉税事项网上都能办。截至目前,武汉市一般纳税人网上申报率高达93%,12万户次纳税人使用手机办税。姜锋表示,国家正在打造全国统一的电子税务局,到2020年武汉纳税人办税可全部走网路。相关视频 又到一年“国考”时 国税部门人气最高 广东省国税“独占鳌头” 关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: