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Xi Jinping’s visit to why this place is "Cambodia cooperation model" – Politics – people.com.cn "booming port Sihanouk economic zone is bilateral pragmatic cooperation model." In October 12th, during a state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia on the eve of President Xi Jinping in Kampuchea "Kampuchea light" report entitled "that do a good neighbor, a true friend in perfect sympathy with each other" signed article. Reporters found that President Xi Jinping, 13, with the Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen talks, once again referred to the "port of Hong Kong Special Economic Zone" (hereinafter referred to as the West Port Area) (). As early as April 2015, Xi Jinping at the meeting during the meeting with Hong Sen, proposed to the SSEZ hope: "in the" The Belt and Road "within the framework of strengthening cooperation in infrastructure interoperability, operate the port Sihanouk economic zone." Which shows SSEZ in countries along the cooperation of heavy weight. "Vigorous development", "pragmatic cooperation" and "model", the three words highly summed up the model of the role of the West Hong Kong sar. The West Port special zone is one of the first 8 foreign trade and economic cooperation zones in China and the largest and most important one of the 9 special economic zones approved by the Kampuchea. SSEZ witnessed bilateral traditional friendship and friendly cooperation, polish "The Belt and Road" Cambodia cooperation golden name card. "The Belt and Road" the bright pearl – West Hong Kong SAR (map) "Belt and Road Initiative" model of the park as an important cooperation project between China and Cambodia, SSEZ is known as "The Belt and Road win-win cooperation model. SSEZ is the largest special economic zone in Kingdom of Cambodia approved by the government, but also in Cambodia’s first government signed a bilateral agreement to establish bilateral cooperation zone, the first government coordination mechanism of cooperation zone. Shenzhen, the West Coast District, has been hailed by the leaders of Kampuchea as "Kampuchea"". Prime Minister Hong Sen has repeatedly said: "the construction of the port of Sihanouk special economic zone is my dream for many years!" This is not only the reform and opening up the experimental field, but also high hopes of the demonstration area. SSEZ was founded in February 2008, the total planning area of 11.13 square kilometers, is a joint enterprise Chinese red beans group and other enterprises in Kampuchea to build a common Sihanouk in Kampuchea province "investment in ASEAN, cluster investment and trade platform radiation world", serving as the Asia Pacific China need to "go out" the advantage of industry. SSEZ panorama (map) economic and Trade Industrial Park — Chinese enterprises going out of a microcosm of the Chinese industrial planning and Kampuchea local conditions of the depth of integration, reflected in all aspects of economy and society in Kampuchea. Hong Sen once said, "in the hope of Cambodia and China The Belt and Road" under the framework of strengthening the construction of interconnection Cambodia waterway, aviation and other transport sector, expand cooperation in health, agriculture, disaster relief and other fields. This vision, but also with the accelerated development of the SAR has become a reality. Kampuchea there is a saying, the prices in here to repair the longest road, built up the bridge. China’s industrial planning and the depth of integration of local conditions in Kampuchea, reflected in all aspects of Kampuchea’s economic and social. With the construction of economic zones, Cambodia Belt and Road Initiative "under the framework of cooperation is deepening. In addition to roads and bridges, Chinese companies have invested in the Mekong basin to build more water相关的主题文章: