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Xishan District of Wuxi to promote targeted rescue difficult families into the Northeast District of Wuxi City, Tong Tong Street Wang Fang village home, the 30 year old girl is helping her mother do housework. 10 years ago, in April, Wang Fang, who was working in the factory, felt no sensation in the neck, and within a day she was paralyzed. In order to see a doctor, the family spent all their savings, but also owed a lot of debt, but she still can not stand up. In 2009, the establishment of "the depth of poverty relief mechanism family expenditure" in Xishan District, the original breakthrough for low-income people from the minimum living security, comprehensive consideration of health and education, employment, relief of illness due to disability and deep poverty family. December of that year, the family has no money to give her a doctor to go to a local rehabilitation hospital Wang Fang rehabilitation treatment, nearly 10 thousand yuan a month, the cost of all by the government bailout. After a few years of rehabilitation treatment, Wang Fang finally able to walk, you can help do some housework. "If we do not rely on government help, the family simply can not afford to recover the cost of." Wang Fang said. This is a microcosm of Xishan to help poor families. Xishan district is a relatively developed economy area, a total of more than 10 households, of which more than and 500 poor households, accounted for very low though, but how to make these poor families get the precise poverty dividend policy and get rid of poverty, have always been concerned about the district government affairs. Xishan party secretary Lu Zhijian said, if this part of the masses can not be out of poverty, cannot keep pace of well-off society. So, to stand in the height of building a well-off society to promote accurate poverty alleviation work, do not let off the road makes a family left behind. Xishan district is divided into two parts according to the income and expenditure, which makes the social assistance from the single income poverty to the poor. Xishan District Civil Affairs Bureau Xi Zinan told reporters that the so-called expenditure poverty, refers to the family members because of the occurrence of serious illness, accident, fire and emergency disaster caused poverty families. The charity organization and the Red Cross, Xishan district by the financial funds established relief original capital, and the formation of the relief system of Science: breaking the original village (neighborhood) traditional work program committee recommended, personal declaration, higher approval, design a "family assistance demand Xishan District difficult assessment" in many aspects. To assess the family difficulties, get assistance demand index; from poor families to help find the depth, to go through 6 steps, including two rounds of publicity, to prevent unfair and speculation. In 2014, increase the relief efforts, set up a hundred million yuan level poverty assistance fund covering the whole region, the government invested 200 million yuan, 50 million yuan to raise the enterprise, provide sufficient long-term funding for the work of helping the poor depth. Zhang Dong Ting Street 14 years ago in a car accident lose their ability to work, his wife did not work, the family has 3 children, the family 5 people on a low premium, the eldest son admitted to the college, the student just want to give up, Xishan District launched a difficult family academic assistance, the old house was included in the list of the government to give assistance, the academic year 15 thousand yuan subsidy. Today, his 3 children have successfully entered college. As of June this year, the region has accumulated 700.65 academic subsidies.相关的主题文章: