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Yang Mi questioned Zhao Liying depression show you the strength acting grinding goblins – Sohu broke the news this morning, after watching is really dumbfounding, Fucheng in two high school students for the evaluation of Yang Mi was divided, did not result in a net war, even online about frame, day La gululu, the high school students is not working too little! Now, in the entertainment circle, led by Yang Mi after the flowers were extremely awkward position, before the 70 big flowers as a rival, after 90 small flower strong chase, if not by gossip without the hype, only acting on the strength of 80 flowers are in the end? Yang Mi is the sweet power power in early on his debut, but was known as "eight guardians" in the ancient spirit demon, Reiki full of small yet, after "scheming beauty" as quiet righteous snow were also performed well, but after the bursting of the TV series "Mary Sue Palace", we have said that the large power power acting no breakthrough, but have to say, "Palace" accumulated a lot of popularity for Yang Mi, fire a get out of hand Yang Mi, impressive is her work, but she in micro-blog constantly from black and ridicule. People can not help but sigh, why don’t you go to the large power power enhance acting instead bent when the hand piece. After the work is full of slot points, straight netizens Tucao, the large power power why you always have an expression, acting but hard to look. Are you too busy to take care of the little glutinous rice and have no time to improve acting? I hope that the future can be used to prove their work. Angelababy a few days ago, with "angelababy" dragon tactic defeated Chen Yao "and Liang Jing" catch "old gun" won the twenty-fifth Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actress, after the news broke, people eat melon sit. No praise sound but controversy and criticism, some people say that the award is unfair after all angelababy’s acting has not been on the line, also said to be in order to comply with the public opinion. The flowers look into to the lively predicament, even friends broke the "watch award shady long articles, attracted many netizens attention and discussion, we also began to examine the authenticity of this award. Some media said the "Hundred Flowers Award" become "fans" award, see acting is a joke. Do not watch big business people said that such a big question in the final analysis because of small baby strength does not pass, look angelababy recent work "smiled" very little "cloud song" the echo is just passable, although the glamorous baby distressed people, but also hope she can improve your acting. After all, the strength is the most powerful response, let us look forward to the future angelababy work together. About 80 small acting, netizens are shook his head "nuqibuzheng", actually also has flowers Yan value good acting play. Zhao Liying recently released by Zhao Liying and starring in the drama of the war, rouge, the attention of the play in the play is a more brave than the boy, "silly white sweet", "", "".相关的主题文章: