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Yao Ming has urged NBA to abolish a rule but the achievements of Griffin’s 2003 All Star game reviews Jordan farewell Yao Ming debut the doodle perhaps it is the fate of the coincidence, although O’neal entered the League time much earlier than Yao Ming, but between the two of the "Yao Shaq" gave Chinese fans made the most profound impression. After Yao Ming and O’neal together into the all star game, retired together, into the hall of fame. It looks like a good brother, doesn’t it? But this is only limited to the two retired in two before retiring, O’neal mouth Yao Ming has never stopped the attack. Yao Ming has just joined the NBA, O’neal even in the interview showed a slightly racist attitude, and threatened to have a good fight with the Yao Ming. Of course, the end of the farce ended with O’neal’s apology. O’neal and Yao Ming, however, the most intense contradiction between the two, or in the first round of the first round of the bench for the debate. In the 2002-2003 season, or Yao Ming’s rookie season, while NBA just launched Internet poll all star. The results in the support of the fans China Yao Ming got 1 million 286 thousand votes, forcing O’neal to become the starting center. The peak period of the shark would be squeezed under the starting position is not in anger, but the American media and thus also launched a bombing. Even then the shark East turned to the heat, also can get rid of the shadow of Yao Ming. In the 2004-2005 season, O’neal joined the Miami Heat and won 2 million 488 thousand votes in the all star vote, breaking the record set by the year of the year of Jordan, but the number of votes of up to 2 million 558 thousand votes in the vote of Yao Ming. Although Yao Ming in the west, in the eastern part of the O’neal, there is no starting and replacement between two people, but the title of the king was robbed by the king, and the tears of the tears, and the tears of the eyes of the people of the world, such as the tears, the tears of the tears, and the tears of the tears. In the west of the world, and in the east of the world, and in the east of the world, and in the east of the world. That after retiring in 2013, O’neal is still on this matter brood on in an interview, O’neal could not help Tucao: Yao Ming was never better than me, but he is able to become the all star starter." Now the world has become the two. But attentive fans may as trassient as a fleeting cloud, found Yao Ming in the all star weekend of 2003 only participated in the all star game, did not appear in the list of the rookie challenge. It was in the 2004 All Star rookie challenge, Yao Ming appeared in the rookie challenge two grade team. What the hell is going on? Let’s take a look at the rules of NBA. Two choose one? This is not fair in 2004, the League for players to participate in the all star game there is a provision, if a player to participate in the all star game, then he can not participate in the rookie challenge. So it’s easy to explain why Yao Ming didn’t take part in the 2003 all star weekend rookie challenge. So why in 2004, Yao Ming can participate in the rookie challenge it? Since the 2002 champion Yao Ming and the 2003 champion show – – James, in the league has a very high popularity value of. Yao Ming in the rookie season to become the Western All Star starter, and the same situation in the body of James相关的主题文章: