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Health If you are looking for yeast free recipes then you may be out of luck looking in all the normal places. Yeast, or Candida, infections are normally treated with anti fungal creams or pills and the holistic approach is generally ignored. There is growing evidence however that controlling your diet can help in reducing the severity and frequency of yeast infections. At first glance a yeast free diet can appear to be very strict and leave you without anything to eat, but in reality the foods that are available on the diet are the same as those that were available to everyone a few hundred years ago. It is only in recent years that canned and frozen foods have be.e part of our everyday life and diet. Here are some tips to help you along in the absence of a can opener or freezer. Other recipe books A yeast free diet centers round fresh meat, fresh vegetables and minimum carbohydrates. In many ways it is similar to any weight loss diet. Make sure you check out your local bookstore and magazines for tasty recipes from weight loss publications that can be used as part of your diet. Also look at some of the older recipe books, especially country cookbooks, that were written when exotic herbs and spices were not always available. Vary your cooking methods How many ways can you cook a portion of chicken. Roast, fry, grill, boil, sauté, BBQ and so on. If you grill a piece of meat and boil up some vegetables every day then your diet is going to be boring. BBQ a portion of meat and have it with a nice green salad or try a stir fry. Stay off the heavy spices though as they will irritate the stomach and they don’t help the digestive system. Soups and broths are good and can provide a full and varied diet if you use different beans and cereals.. Substitute ingredients If you decide to have a go at making some wheat free bread or cakes then try adding some fresh chopped herbs instead of sugar. Obviously you can’t use yeast but bicarbonate of soda is a good substitute rising agent. If you are a snack person then you will have to switch to fresh chopped vegetables rather than snack foods or high sugar fruit. Ask and talk to other people Check out your local ethnic food stores. Many countries, especially in Africa and Asia have very simple diets and their foods are ideal for a yeast free diet. There are lots of ethnic flours for baking and different types and flavors of rice. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop owner if you are unsure how to prepare certain vegetables or you don’t recognize some herbs. Don’t forget to take a look at your local health store and fitness center as well. These can be a mine of information and most people will happily share their favorite recipe with you. A yeast free diet is normally re.mended for six to eight weeks which gives the body time to adjust and deal with any excess yeast. If you find the diet effective and that it helps you then you may even be able to create your own book of yeast free recipes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: