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Yi Ling: Vivian Hsu is a wealthy wife, or Shengmei fan? Peach pear white: media columnist Ge Yiran, the original entertainment media, is committed to the attitude of entertainment. Public number: geyiran666. The Shuyi Ling     map, from the network to the two days, Vivian Hsu again made headlines, the media used "big work" and "no" too wide. ". The news that her husband Li Yunfeng Singapore Marco Polo HaiYe group, broke financial crisis. Available assets of less than 100 million yuan, but the total funding gap of up to NT $5 billion 900 million, of which $4 billion 300 million debt needs to be cleared within a year. Although a large amount of turnover in the listed companies is a very common thing, NT $5 billion 900 million debt burden HaiYe group. However, in 2014 there is news that the company’s annual profit in the fall. If according to the news, the two quarter can earn 22 million 300 thousand dollars (RMB 1 hundred million), to repay the debt, or more difficult. Last night, Vivian Hsu issued a document on their own Facebook, said he grew up mostly on their own, down-to-earth live every day, propped up a home. Also stressed that women should have their own career, their achievements and self affirmation, so the original intention, before marriage has not changed. In the face of "giants Mengsui said, she said:" I never wanted to be your wife. Indeed, your wife’s life seems to have nothing to do with Vivian Hsu. She was born in Taiwan, because the family is poor, parents frequently change jobs, a child Vivian Hsu moved over 30 times, every time the house is rented. 5 year old parents divorced, Vivian Hsu followed her mother’s life. Childhood was too poor, some people want to buy Vivian Hsu, although the money can improve livelihoods, but her mother insisted on keeping her, so she was very grateful. When the primary school grade two or three, mother’s day, Vivian Hsu and her sister went to the convenience store to buy Sanitary napkins. "We do not even know what menstruation, just to see her mother bought, the boss asked us to do this child? We said to send mother as mother’s Day gift, the boss smiled, but also take the newspaper to help us to wrap the gift of sanitary napkins." Because of poverty, she was at the age of 15 to participate in the Taiwan China view of the TV star show, debut as a champion. A group of women, but only for a short time. She moved to Taiwan and Hongkong TV movie. At that time, she, in the "tornado boy" really beautiful. At the age of 18, the company suggested that she take bold portrait, Vivian Hsu and her mother at first reluctant, struggling 3 months later because I think an actor from head to foot can be used to perform, we don’t steal from rely on their own efforts, so I promised to do". To subvert the previous teen idol image, Vivian Hsu was included in the "off star" list, suffered the biggest crisis of his career. A job offer to take pictures of Hongkong, went to find each other to provide only a gauze clothing. Vivian Hsu couldn’t stand it, so he fled to japan. In Japan, she and the two boys had a band called "black biscuits."相关的主题文章: