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Stocks-Mutual-Funds There is more to 8oz burger than half a pound. An 8oz of piece of meat is the equivalent to half a pound, but how often do you see someone with a knife and fork eating a burger? It just doesnt happen because there is more to a burger than the meat. For a truly great burger you do need to start out with great meat, but a great 8oz burger is more than simply a half pound of meat. The meat of the burger really is the meat! That 8oz of meat should have the following characteristics to be the base of a truly great burger: Beef comes from humanly raised cows Hormone free beef Black Angus sirloin Short rib and chuck used In-house ground Grass fed beef Aged in a salt-tiled locker Grilled on live oak This may seem like a tall order, but once you take a bite of a burger with the above listed characteristics, you will realize how important each characteristic is to the overall taste of your burger. In fact, you may never be able to eat a burger off the value meal at a fast food place again. A burger is traditionally served on a bun. So the bun is an important part of making the burger complete. The bun for a burger should be soft and fresh. It shouldnt be too fluffy, but substantial. When biting into it, you shouldnt feel like you are eating air, it should be textured and compliments the meat in the burger. Some 8oz burger connoisseurs preferred a grilled bun and the flavor it adds. Other 8oz burger connoisseurs dont want the flavor of the meat to be covered up with the flavor of a grilled bun. Sometimes it is all about simplicitya burger, a bun, a squirt of ketchup, and a dab of mustard. To some, this is the perfect burger. For others the burger is like a canvas, all types of condiments, sauces, cheeses, and other goodies are piled on and held tight between the buns. The plate soon has drips and pieces that have fallen from the burger spread all over it. This type of burger requires many napkins and a fork to scoop up the mixture of goodies on the plate. Burger eaters differ as greatly as the toppings that are available to put between the burger and the bun. They can be one of the type of burger eaters listed above or they can fall somewhere in-between. An 8oz burger alone in the backyard can be good, but one served in a friendly atmosphere among friends and with a favorite micro beer is even better. That is why many 8oz burger lovers who live in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA choose to go to their local 8oz Burger Bar. Another reason is that the burgers at the 8oz Burger Bar have every characteristic of a great burger that is listed above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: