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Zhang Yixing will spoil powder in Beijing signings, fans play "Tyrannosaurus" suction eye – Zhang Yixing entertainment Sohu Beijing will sing a Yixing "lose control" will sing at the scene of Zhang Yixing fans as Rex Sohu entertainment news yesterday, Zhang Yixing held in Beijing the first new album "lose control" signings, five hundred fans enthusiasm to the scene is unprecedented, Zhang Yixing also repeatedly sent to welfare, in addition to fans and sweet singing, face-to-face interaction, but also go with fans of proximity to Beijing snacks, add ten pieces of self welfare send signature strength pet powder minutes up Sister Act, caused the scene screaming heat continued to rise. In this theme costumes for the "Huangchenggen" fansign, other fans also have their own characteristics, "Tyrannosaurus", "Qing Dynasty Princess", "fortune Daisen" and "knife guards" dress up everything, different creative, Zhang Yixing can not help but exclaim, "Xing fan is really talented the." Zhang Yixing will sing the strength of pet feeding benefits, minutes to lead the audience screaming up sister Zhang Yixing’s solo album "lose control" issued since October 28th, sales have exceeded 210 thousand, South Korean singer solo to refresh the number of records, the issue is still three weeks in Tu standings. In order to repay the majority of fans fans, Zhang Yixing is scheduled to be held four signings both China and South korea. Yesterday, Beijing signings will be successfully held, five hundred fans attended the scene, Zhang Yixing also repeatedly sent to welfare, not only to share the creative process of the song, also revealed that the new album has been in preparation, different styles of exciting. Followed by the identification of Beijing snacks interaction, Zhang Yixing initiative to step down to the fans, and fans close friends to explore the food name, causing the audience screaming. Signature link, he is also a warm heart to meet the wishes of every fan, listen to everyone’s blessing and concern. Finally it is sent a large welfare ten self signed, the strength of pet pink and minute tease Sister Act, causing the audience screaming wave continued. Fans play "Tyrannosaurus" shape change, Zhang Yixing mamura many talented Beijing signings will be "Huangchenggen" theme costumes featuring fans also did to exhaust all the skills "Tyrannosaurus", and "the princess", "fortune Daisen" and "knife guards", a variety of cheongsam, bride makeup other dress up everything, like Liu grandmother into the Grand View Garden, everywhere novelty "even Zhang Yixing could not help but praise," Xing fan is really talented." In addition to praise, Zhang Yixing also did not forget to ask you, "Study hard, good work, good refueling!" When the ceremony in front of the fans with the live broadcast of "what U need" "MYM" and other songs singing loudly, Zhang Yixing also picked up the microphone with you sweet duet, a small climax scene. In the face of fans raised hopes of playing Zhang Yixing in the most happy moments of exclusive music, Zhang Yixing also agreed with you to do a song about "happiness" songs, let Xing fans can after the wedding happy moment play, warm heart back to let the fans surprised and moved. The last big photo link, we have raised lose.相关的主题文章: