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Zhejiang third times concentrated rumor – Finance – people.com.cn G20 Hangzhou summit, some rumors murmur beautifully, even using camouflage to deceive you. Yesterday, Zhejiang third times concentrated rumor. The public security organ for the masses of security work understanding, cooperation, and hope for the masses was counterintuitive, ridicule spoof class information do not believe, do not forward. The public security organs will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law, those rumors pass rumors. Rumor 1 dressed in cheongsam G20 Hangzhou summit service queue. The truth: This is held in Guizhou in July 29th, Liupanshui city’s 3000 contestants cheongsam show, breaking the Guinness world record. Rumors 28 to September 8th in Zhejiang province temporarily closed SMS channel, parents will not be able to receive notice of the school text messages during G20, Hangzhou will stop all home broadband value-added services…… Truth: according to the provincial communications authority verification, these are false information. Zhejiang communications industry will fully guarantee the smooth flow of the network will not pause or stop all normal calls, text messages, such as broadband communication services, telecommunications, mobile, Unicom 10000 10086 10010 customer service phone will also provide consulting and business process services. Rumors 3 network biography West Lake scenic is not allowed to cook fire, will be distributed by the public security". Truth: verified by the public security organs, this is indeed a rumor. The G20 Hangzhou summit security tasks, the public security organs will minimize the impact on the normal production and life of the masses, the masses to improve the ability to please identify the rumor, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors. Rumor 4 after dinner go to the supermarket to buy a box of milk to drink in the morning. Along the way, the supermarket, bus drivers, police, security guard to drink milk for breakfast, so put off all the wine box; the trunk of his car, security requirements of a drink bottle. After drinking just start the car ready to go home, the police said drunk driving will not let go; go by on the road patrol patrol encountered, told him to drink soup, and then sent to your hand. The truth: a number of rumors about liquid security, confirmed by the public security organs, are false information. Public security organs reiterated that the inspection of the liquid is the usual practice of security work, will be carried out in accordance with the strict norms of the relevant inspection work. For high-speed rail, subway, bus and other crowded places, the proportion of liquid sampling will be improved. According to the Zhejiang News Office (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: