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Zhejiang Yuyao office "Yangming culture day" – in the context activation Heritage Classic zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Ningbo on 1 November, (Li Jia Jiang Yong?) in Wang Yangming’s hometown of Zhejiang in Yuyao, a Internet Co R & D Wang Yangming high simulation robot, holding the pen to write down the "unity" four words, become the third China robot summit "the first red net". Five hundred years ago, Wang Yangming is ushering in a large number of fans". With the robot Wang Yangming as popular is called the essence of Yangming culture in recent years through modern mining and interpretation, influence is expanding. In November 1st, Yangming culture day series of activities held in Zhejiang Yuyao, activities held during the "Wang’s cultural roots, Yangming culture day LOGO publishing, Yangming culture salon and other activities, the classical theory of Yangming is gradually into the modern factor. Wang Yangming is his master, he and Confucius, founder of Confucianism, Confucianism synthesizer, Mencius science synthesizer Zhu Xi, and known as the "Confucius and Mencius, Zhu wang". He put forward the "unity" and "conscience" theory for over 500 years and has extensive influence growing in the esteem of future generations, in Southeast asia. In Yangming culture day, Yangming experts and scholars gathered in Zhejiang Yuyao, to discuss the contemporary value of yangming. Peking University philosophy professor Wang Shouchang think, "Yangming theory has practical characteristics, it advocates" the unity of knowing and doing ‘, emphasizing the subjective consciousness is not the impact of the surrounding environment, but modern people with the development of material, easy to get lost in the network, in the game, most of the young people is low head family, Yangming theory still has guiding significance in contemporary society." Map: "the Yangming culture innovation and development seminar. Photo by He Jiangyong for the modern connotation deeply exploring Yangming culture, as Wang Yangming was born in Zhejiang, Yuyao to polish the Wang Yangming this "golden name card", adhere to the continuation of Wang Yangming’s thought of inheritance. In 1990s, Yuyao held the first Wang Yangming memorial activities; in 2007, Yuyao completed the renovation of the former residence of Wang Yangming, then become a "national key cultural relic protection units"; in 2011, Yuyao Academy of social sciences research and China history of cooperation, the establishment of international Yangming Research Center, and regular compilation, published research data, seminars. In recent years, many city played Yangming culture "city name card", a "city of Yangming over, want to dig deep origin of Yangming and the city, remodeling a cultural landmark, set off a wave of Yangming culture communication upsurge. In Wang Shouchang view, the current "Yangming heat" is not a bad thing. With the rapid development of economy and society, all kinds of inharmonious phenomena emerge in an endless stream, the essence of traditional culture has been lost, promote the development of Yangming culture time, "" hot "point Never mind, the most important is to find cultural confidence, let the traditional and modern together". Yuyao municipal Party committee secretary Mao Hongfang said that in recent years, Yuyao focus on and carry forward the Yangming thought inheritance, to Wang Yangming’s "politics in people" "return to mind" concept throughout the policy measures to promote the development of the whole process, and actively promote higher benchmark and promote development and implement, promote the Yangming in New)相关的主题文章: